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                Chairman's Message

                The history of CEIBS is all about China's exploration of reform and opening-up in the education industry and entrepreneurship in the country's management education community. Over the past two decades, CEIBS has evolved, from its launch in 1994, into a world-renowned business school that is top-ranked in Asia. CEIBS is committed to creating and disseminating managerial expertise and to preparing responsible leaders versed in "China Depth, Global Breadth" in line with its motto of "Conscientiousness, Innovation and Excellence", with an aim to advance China's economic growth and social progress. At the global level, China is moving closer to centre stage. As a major source of management education in China, CEIBS has upgraded to version 2.0 of its internationalisation strategy which will boost China's efforts as a key contributor to globalisation. With increasing synergy among CEIBS' five campuses in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Zurich in Switzerland and Accra in Ghana, we have more than 22,000 alumni in over 80 countries and regions to date, and have provided management training for more than 150,000 mid-level and top managers from China and abroad. The CEIBS community is devoted to driving economic growth and social progress around the world.

                CEIBS Education Foundation is the major platform through which the School receives donations. The Foundation's continuous progress can be attributed to generous support from our students and alumni. Whether it is your first donation or one of many, whether you are newly-admitted or graduated many years ago, whichever donation project you choose, and whatever the size of your donation, we are glad that the culture of gratitude and giving has been passed on from generation to generation among alumni. On this occasion, we would like to express our thanks to students and alumni, who are committed to being socially responsible while trying to stay ahead of the curve.

                We sincerely invite you to continue your support to CEIBS. Your donation will enable CEIBS to recruit top-notch professors from all over the world, conduct cutting-edge research, attract excellent applicants, and create an inspiring campus environment so as to ensure our sustainable development. The Foundation is built upon the contributions from our students, alumni and individuals from all walks of life. Every penny, in turn, has been and will continue to be directed towards ramping up the School's efforts in management education so as to better serve our students, alumni and the wider society.

                The position statement of "China Depth, Global Breadth" will continue to inspire our entire community to make CEIBS a world-class business school. It is our sincere hope that you will continue to work alongside us to fulfil this dream!

                Li Mingjun
                President of CEIBS

                About Us

                Founded in 2005, CEIBS Education Foundation is a registered legal entity affiliated with CEIBS. It is the mechanism through which CEIBS students, alumni, and people from all walks of life can donate funds or make ‘in kind’ contributions to the School in order to boost its development in teaching and research, campus construction, and other undertakings.

                CEIBS Education Foundation is led by a Council, made up of the following members:

                Honorary Chairmen
                Professor Liu Ji, Honorary President of CEIBS
                Professor Zhu Xiaoming, Honorary President of CEIBS

                Professor Li Mingjun, CEIBS President

                Vice Chairmen
                Professor Dipak Jain, CEIBS President (European)
                Professor Pedro Nueno, Honorary?President (European) of CEIBS
                Mr. Lu Qiutian, former Ambassador of China to Germany; former President of the Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs (CPIFA)
                Mr. Shen Neng, Party Chief of Shanghai Jinqiao Group

                Council Members (in alphabetical order by last name)
                Mr. Cai Mingpo, Chairman of Cathay Capital Private Equity (CEIBS EMBA 2004 Alumnus)
                Professor Ding Yuan, Vice President and Dean of CEIBS
                Ms. Tanya Fu, Director of CEIBS Alumni Relations Office
                Mr. He Yi, Chairman of Essilor (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (CEIBS CEO 2009 Alumnus)
                Mr. Huang Nubo, Chairman of Zhongkun Group (CEIBS EMBA 1996 Alumnus)
                Mr. Huang Qingping, Chairman of Yincheng Real Estate Group (CEIBS CEO 2003 Alumnus)
                Ms. Yvonne Li, Director of CEIBS President’s Office (CEIBS EMBA 2002 Alumna)
                Mr. Hobbs Liu, Executive Director of CEIBS Executive Education Department
                Ms. Long Yu, Chief HRO and Legal Counsellor of JD.com (CEIBS EMBA 2009 Alumna)
                Mr. Lou Yongliang, Chairman of Zhongtian Group (CEIBS CEO 2004 Alumnus)
                Mr. Francis Lui, Vice President of K. Wah Group
                Mr. Ma Yusheng, CEIBS Assistant President; Chief Representative of CEIBS Beijing Campus
                Prof. Wu Jinglian, Development Research Centre of the State Council of P.R.C.; CEIBS Honorary Professor;?Honorary President of International Economic Association?
                Mr. Xu Bo, Senior Diplomat; Former Assistant to Chief China Representative of Shanghai Expo
                Mr. Xu Hang, Chairman of Shenzhen Parkland Group (CEIBS EMBA 2002 and CEO 2008 Alumnus)
                Prof. Xu Dingbo, Secretary-General of CEIBS Education Foundation; Professor of Accounting and Associate Dean of CEIBS
                Mr. Zhang Feng, Director of Union Investment Co., Ltd
                Prof. Zhang Weijiong, Vice President and Co-Dean of CEIBS

                Ways of Giving

                You may scan the following QR codes to make a donation through Alipay or WeChat.?

                ????????????? Alipay?????????????????????????????WeChat

                ? ? ?

                On-site Donation
                We hope you will visit the CEIBS Education Foundation office where you can get the latest updates on alumni giving, and make a donation on site during the annual alumni reunion day. (You may also authorise your classmate or friend to make a donation on your behalf.) CEIBS Education Foundation is located at: Room 302, 3F, Academic Centre I.

                Tax Incentives
                As per the Enterprise Income Tax Law of the People's Republic of China and Individual Income Tax Law of the People's Republic of China, both corporate and individual donors to public welfare social organisations qualified for pre-tax deductions for charitable donations are entitled to pre-tax deductions from income tax. Companies or individuals shall produce the charitable donation receipt printed by fiscal authorities at the provincial level or above and sealed by the institution that receives the donations, or the General Payment Bill for Non-Tax Income and sealed by the institution that receives the donations, to enjoy pre-tax deductions from income tax.

                Corporate donations: As per the Amendment to the Enterprise Income Tax Law of the People's Republic of China (Draft) adopted at the 26th Session of the Standing Committee of 12th National People's Congress on February 24, 2007, of an enterprise's expenditure on charitable donations, the part which is no more than 12% of its total annual profit may be deductible in the calculation of its taxable income; and the excess over 12% of its total annual profit may be carried forward for three years in the calculation of its taxable income.

                Individual donations: As per the Regulation on the Implementation of the Individual Income Tax Law of the People's Republic of China promulgated by Decree No.600 of the State Council, the term "individual income donated to educational and other public welfare undertakings" refers to donation by individuals of their income to educational and other public welfare undertakings, and to areas suffering from serious natural disasters or poverty, through social organisations or government agencies in China. The part of the amount of donations which does not exceed 30% of the taxable income declared by the taxpayer, may be deducted from his taxable income.


                CEIBS Partnership Programme


                The CEIBS Partnership Programme fosters business-academic cooperation through building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. Corporate Partners engage in a wide spectrum of customised joint projects and initiatives with CEIBS.


                CEIBS Partnership Programme Investment Options At A Glance


                + CEIBS Named Chair Endowment Fund

                Port of Barcelona
                "la Caixa"
                Chengwei Capital
                Cathay Capital
                Philips (China) Investment Co. Ltd.
                ABN AMRO
                Parkland Investment Group
                Wu Jinglian Academic Fund
                Banco Santander
                Spanish Government
                ESSILOR International
                British American Tobacco
                Zhongkun Group
                Zhongtian Group
                Zhu Xiaoming President’s Fund

                CEIBS Partnership Programme


                + CEIBS Centres of Research & Research Funds

                Best Logistics
                BOSCH (China)Investment Ltd.
                Universal Foundation for Education of Medical Service & Healthcare
                Chengwei Capital
                Evergreen Holding Group
                WPG Holdings
                DiAn Diagnostics
                Orient Securities Asset Management
                DunAn Environment
                Philips (China) Investment Co. Ltd
                Liugong Machinery
                Guosen Securities
                Biostime Inc.
                HuaAn Fund Management
                Huaxiang Group
                Hanlian Investment Group
                Jinsheng Group
                TopSpring International Holdings Limited
                Landsea Group
                Lujiazui Development Group

                Merrsunny Wealth
                Merck KGaA
                Noah Private Wealth Management
                Chervon Holdings Ltd.
                Rentai Group
                Global Logistic Properties Ltd.
                Shanghai MorGold Investment Co., Ltd.
                Shanghai Pudong Development Bank
                Shanghai Shuyin Science & Technology
                Bank of Shanghai
                Share Capital Partners
                Shousan Wealth
                FD Johnson
                W&Smith Shanghai Inc.
                Siemens Ltd, China
                Siemens Healthcare
                Sunriver Holding Group Co., Ltd.
                Cifi Group
                Xunfu Information Science & Technology
                EVOC Group
                Yincheng Real Estate Group
                Yurun Group
                AVIC International
                China Financial Futures Exchange

                CEIBS Partnership Programme


                + CEIBS Campus Fund Investment

                CTK Co., Ltd.
                Fengshen Group
                China Development Bank
                Huatai Securities
                Global Sources
                K. Wah Group
                Greenwoods Capital
                Manwah Holdings
                Sanquan Food
                Shanghai Jahwa Group
                Shanghai Jinqiao Group

                Shanghai Chlor-Alkali Chemical
                Shanghai Volkswagen
                Schneider Electric
                Red Avenue Group
                Wind Info
                Spanish Government
                Far East Holding Group
                Zhezhong Electric
                China Telecom Shanghai
                SINOPEC Shanghai Petrochem

                CEIBS Partnership Programme


                + CEIBS Development Fund

                BP China
                Akzo Nobel
                Atlas Copco
                Arcelor Mittal
                Aoshan Group
                Anheuser-Busch InBev
                BNP Paribas
                Haowu China
                Hengdian Group
                Jizhuang Technology
                Jiangsu Tiger Beetle Investment
                Coca Cola
                McKinsey & Company
                Mandarin Capital Partners
                Eli Lilly Asia, Inc.
                Pengxin Group

                Pudong Shangri-La
                Hong Kang Real Estate
                Lisheng Auto
                Co-stone Capital Investment
                Dow Chemical
                Tiancheng Medical Group
                MasterCard Worldwide
                CHIC Group
                Future Holdings
                Youngor Group
                Best Travel Limited
                Yincheng Real Estate Group
                Evonik Industries
                Pedro Nueno President’s Fund
                Zhu Xiaoming President’s Fund

                CEIBS Partnership Programme


                + CEIBS MBA Scholarship Fund

                "la Caixa"
                Morningside Ventures
                DDI Group
                Omnicom Group Inc.

                Longcheer Group
                Liu Ji Education Fund
                Easyfinance Management Consulting
                Wu Jinglian Academic Fund
                Mr. Zhou Zongming (EMBA2004)

                CEIBS Partnership Programme
                ??? German Chancellor Fellowship for Prospective Leaders


                + Special Funds
                ??? CEIBS Lujiazui Institute of International Finance
                ??? Wu Jinglian Academic Fund
                ??? CEIBS Foundation Founding & Permanent Alumni Members


                + Alumni Annual Giving

                Contact Us

                Thank you for supporting CEIBS!

                Our Vision and Mission

                The CEIBS Mission:?To educate responsible leaders versed in "China Depth, Global Breadth".
                The CEIBS Vision:?To become the most respected international business school by linking East and West in teaching, research, and business practice and by promoting China's social and economic development through high-impact knowledge creation and dissemination.

                If you would like to give to CEIBS or have any question regarding donation, please contact:

                CEIBS Education Foundation

                Tel: :(86-21)2890-5898 or (86-21)2890-5358
                Email: invest@ceibs.edu
                Office Address: Room 302, Academic Centre 1, 699 Hong Feng Road, Jinqiao, Pudong, Shanghai 201206